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Passion of Years Passed Come Bcak to Reinvent some Spectacular Sounds from 

FL-M Owner and Master Modeler

"The Tank Commander: 

As a previous IASCA winner and pro class competitor as well a Audio & Video store manager, I have a master installer rating with several high end car awards winning several IASCA vehicles to my credit and skill. I have brought the magic of past years to now 1/16 scale acoustic sound fabrication to my modeling like no one has seen previously. I will be bring you the new world class sound systems in a smaller version with fiberglass and custom speaker locations and building techniques not seen in the 1:16 RC tank world before now.

Great Organization and awesome competitors and friends...if you ever get a chance check it out. 


Featured in the current King Tiger build going on now.

Here what I have found during my search for new and better sound. I found a place that required and called out for something to be done in this wide open and located with enough space and a downward firing position I fund this a obvious place to add pure speaker projection space to blend so nice with the aftermarket speakers soon to be installed in the lower deck and this King Tiger is no joke. This tank will be heard to those advisory tanks looking to battle with this monster.


This Speaker Box was custom built with a very light wood , fiberglass coated and lined with Dynamat for any vibration that would possibly rear it’s ugly head. Speaker box was coated with 4 layers of primer coats and final cover was red cloth material and a Swastika was add so when turret is secured to floor the rear escape hatch will arrear as if a German Flag is hanging from the tank roof. What a great look and what sound was achieved. The band known as AC/DC "WAR MACHINE" sounded amazing!