Heng Long
Repaint, SOL Stowage, Figure and modifications for Curt;



Project: 99999 Production - Sherman M4A3E8


Repaint and Custom Finish and 

Installation of SOL Sherman WWII Stowage Package. 

     Status: n/a

Recent Add On's: Upgraded Gearbox Installation TBD     

     Status  n/a

Dedicated On/Off switch for Smoke Gen.                          

     Stas  n/atu

Stock Photo before work is started!


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Hello Curt...

We are Waiting for your VIP Project to arrive!

ARRIVED 07/10/2017

WORK BEGAN 07/112017


Started Prep and Primer on Group 1 of 2 to be 

cleaned and finishing prep work.

Large Pieces were shot first more photos to foliow/

detailing of Group 1 in progress,


This is our Accessory assembly work station, It is currently being used for the SOL Sherman Stowage Set bottom left of pic and new 2017 

German Crates and wood 200L Barrel carriers for tanks. 


Arrival of Sherman M$A#E8. from client" (CL) 
Project at hand Paint and finish SOL Stowage.
Install stowage in, on, and around Tank theme pf WWII.
Install switch for user friendly ease of use.
Add proper decals send factory sticker back. 

Sherman Disassembly in progress

Tuesday   07/12/2017

After removing u[[er deck from lower body I noticed a good looking  solid motor, greats look great But, NO Lubercation some White grease to be added for less wear and tear on gears.

Notice from factory no grease on the metal / plastic gears No Good!


Power Wire will be disconnected in order disconnect  Turret  from the Sherman  upper deck.

Tuesday   07122017

Removing all wiring to seperate turret from lower body freeing up the turret, upper tank deck and lower hull for easier paint area access.


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Removing metal tracks for transformation. 


Closer view of Turret interior also completed in white trim Not in this photo will show after Base green cover is applied today some time today depending on schedule of modeling events.


A  larger view of very quick progress in Transformation into a Normandy Invasion Sherman, day 30....

Lower Hull also complete but not in photo yet.


Stock Tank Commander is also being worked on in between modeling sessions. 



A Hard Battle Looking Tank...


Closer view if Beginning if the final stage of transformayun..


Looking at Both Turret ans Upper Tank Deck connected after second phase of painting. Now it is time to gloss clear coat. decals  and final matte coating.

Then to weathering.


Stock plastic tanl commander


Stock Rank Commander After A Trip to the Work bench.


A different Angle.


Curt & Landon's Sherman 4 - 

48+ days  after Normandy Invasion

Almost there guys...

Here is the Sherman repaint at about 85 - 89% complete.

I know the first thing to be said is the Star is leaning forward. It will be 

completely hidden at completion do to the three log stowage on both sides of Sherman purchased at beginning of project, It should be straight… I know poor posture when applied. But it will turn out perfect in the end result.


Simply a different View , What do you Think?

Wait until it has the stowage package installed  very shortly. Will look and feel totally different then this photo presents...shortly 


Sherman with her track reinstalled. 



Sherman show some of her new sandbags this is her right front and the next photo shows off her left. I feel bad not to have post much lately but I do not want to give the final delivery experience away for good or bad. (no bad!) I am further ahead but wanted to make sure I am still on the job. She look Freakishly good. I will yake her to war at anyones back yard battle field.

I only want my client Curt to know the only thing that is in it’s permanent position on this stowage photo are the first two sets of sandbags nothing else is positive I am always changing things around to achieve the best look IMO. I would mention this the smart consumer IMHO, if they have more then one Sherman in the home I would suggest, there is enough stowage in the first box to out fit as many as 3 tanks you would need to 3-D copy the logs to save many dollars on addational resin kit. JMO


November 3, 2017 - The Finishing Steps on Sherman Heng Long 1/16 Repaint & Modifications.


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Here are the perks doing it FL-M style. 

Just being revealed are some extra  work gone into Curt's Sherman he purchased for his grandson Landon. Well here are some photos of extra work performed for you and the grandson t hope these things make it a bit easier on you both to have easier access and fun.

The is the connection for the smoke fluid to get to the fuel pot for burning. The next photo is

The connection to the top will avoid turning the tank upside down and also avoid the possibility of it being dropped. Accidents happen all the time and should be avoided when at all possible. The top side opening for the oil fluid is approx 3-4 mm wide and is brass with a rubber gas line used in most all gas powered EC toys, A slightly shorter one is also being provided. 

The filling port is very hidden so I will ;eave it that way, but was fun performing this for the owner.  
Value of this free bee approx. $ 12.00 parts and 2 hours time..