Basic Repaint Example 


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Is planing to return for wheels and tracks  to be dressed and weathered.....Coming Soon!

Current Repaint in Production.Now....

Up next second Sherman Metal Taigen Metal M4A3E8


in 1:16 

of Heng Long, Imax, Tiagen etc.



Heng Long

1/16 RC Tank Repaints

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Have your R/C Tank Re-Painted for a Real Battlefield Look...Starting at $149.99 and Up you can have that spectacular realistic tank you always wanted. If your RC tank looks like a toy you should take look at my toys.


Heng Long Straight out of the box...

Straight out of my workshop...


1/16 (Heng Long) Sherman repaint completed 11/20/2017

Box Art

from Heng Long 

1/16 Current & Latest Plastic Version of the M4A3R8.


Model Art Performed

in person

1/16 Current and Finished Transformation Completed of same Sherman tank to the left. 

Factory Paint vs. After Market Repaint?



Tamiya Re-Paint & Transformation Example:

on Tamiya, Tiger I 

Original Tank Photo Before reworking interior tank appearance and electronics layout.

View after electronics were removed and the tank was stripped down of her tools cables and any thing we could safely remove.

Redesign and configuration of speaker sound ststem, by Speaker Werkz / Frontline-Models.

After disassembling the speaker housing a sound deadener was applied to both top and bottom interior box walls.

Took all the clients stowage off tank side and sanded entire area flat and got rid of all imperfections and then grey primed the side and now is ready for first coat of paint,

Viewing the back of the Tiger this was actually the easiest section ,of this project. lots of shapes and wild curves and angles but was fairly clean and easy to work on.....
After applying the grey primer the front looked pretty good for the first layer of new paint. MG and front shovel were not able to be removed safely and later were detailed while remaining on the Tiger. 
Another part on the Tigers left side was also unable to be removed was perfectly secured with no chance in removing it with out breaking it, Rule of thumb don't break anything cost time and money. Cables and brackets were detailed while secured on side. we used some paper and aluminum foil to protect fresh paint when we detailed the cabling.

Turret was removed and completely stripped to replace Recoil action motor and remove IR Battle System to be replaced by a second crewman. The XION Panzer commander and Crewman were special ordered for the project, The figures turned out very nice.



I have been very impressed with all of the XION 1:16 figures I have received. They fit extremely well great details. If it were my decision I would add a second head to the kits. I enjoy the emotional face the ones that are scared, yelling, and just full of emotion.

most of the faces on the market these days are boring with a cookie cutter general no expression face. With some modification Alpine Miinatures have some great heads for replacement.

All new electronics were installed in this tank it required a MF-01 and another TO-03 very costly fix. But over all all the electronics and functions were working like a fine watch.  Everything looked the way the client wanted it and the end reults were as follows: This was the most expensive stage of the project, Tamiya is not known for given much discount on replacing broken ports at a economical price.
Custom requested red and white turret number.
The new look and feel of a newly completed remake and fully functional tested and passing with flying colors. What's not pictured here is the rear recon flag, which failed to arrive from the UK in transportation time frame. Finally the last items not in photos are the two Xion crewmen in there Black Waffen SS uniforms.

Rear snap shot showing all new rear engine system with new hoses chains and insignias, lets not forget the tarps mounted on the left rear of the turret. Mounted on our Neo-Lock magnetic mounting system.

Complete  in under 4 weeks from start to finish. We received the tank in German Grey on December 1, and completed it on January 1 as seen in photo of a re-paint, to tri-color camouflage. This repaint involved tear down of all parts and electronics  as safely as possible, replacement of three major electronic units, added custom tarps in weathered grey green color, remove IR Battle System and replace with two Waffen SS crewmen from XION Germany.