Super Build with  Fronttline-Models
 Tamiya King Tiger 204 


ARDENNES 1944 - German King Tiger Custom Build 204

Continued  January 1, 2018


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Brief Overview on Project 204:

At the end of November, beginning of December a accident occurring  in our work shop forced the project to be Stopped in its tracks. This was do to the upper deck and tank side armor plates and her photo etch grill work to become  unusable. We replaced the damaged parts and are still waiting on the photo etch Tiger II grill parts from Aber (Poland) at this time. 

Thank you for your interests in this project and stay tuned for more build of the monster our 1/16 scale Tamiya R/C Full Option  kit $56018 custom build. We have a ways to go but a great budget and great support from the vendors helping me in bringing this project to life.




So where are we at?
Let's take a look.

Main Gun Update::


Current status:: 98% Completed! Replace broken C clamp om recoil unit, specifically, elevation motor lift arm. What is remaining now is the installation of the main gun into turret housing. Finally the long awaited trip to the paint booth. Side Note: One thing stays consistent with Tamiya , they only give you one of the smallest parts in the metal parts category. No joke and then the metal part breaks. Another trip to a specialty store.


Turret Update::


Current Status: Commanders Coupla hatch being redesigned and reconfigured do to operating requirements still needed. More time required o the bench for the Spare track holders to be assembled . Turret floor is completed and ready for main gun to be installed and lightening finished. Then the trip to the paint booth.



Lower Hull


Custom  Audio Update:

A Sound Plan of Attack:

As I often do is think what else can we do in a unique and different way? I had several plans for several audio possibilities and came up with some great ideas here is the current audio system plan for the beast.

We will start off using the 5 Watts of power provided and turn it into 10 watts by wiring for a 4 ohm load. We will also get rid of the 2.5 stock speaker and replace it with two 2 inch speakers and also add more bass by also installing two bass radiators for effect. . We are going to do another custom enclosure using Balsa wood and a fiberglass outer coating to make a solid and 100% sealed enclosure. It will be about 3/4 of a inch height and 5.25 wide and about 8 inches in length.

See Below Photos



Current Crew Selected

The Crew Selected

At present our plan with the crew is to go with the fall pea dot camouflage uniforms with snow over hall pants to be manning the King Tiger . Yes as in anything we do custom may change on the fly. From our war room we discuss the options with the client as need be no allow hid thought to be included in dome of the visual effects,




Here and now...


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Currently plan for the electronics is a double feature with the current set back in our build timeline we have decided to go with  a Factory build PLUS and a Upgrade second Metal and new MF Unit solution for a different feel.version of the lower half of the King Tiger. We are going to give our client a factory specifications  with visual upgrades and factory lower to speed the clients ability to receive his KT204 In the Final stage the client will receive the second lower half at a later date which he  will be able to swap one of two custom built exhaust systems by removing 6 c=screws and reattaching them at will. He will also be able to swap at will which lower body is best suited for combat. scale model contest, model show or simply display alone, the second lower will be metal upgrades and be completely interchangeable.


Removed cover plates of all electronics and we are planning a Relocation on the Smoke generator to allow for maximum sound in custom stereo soon to be shown.
The stripping down and positioning if the MF-01 & TO-3  is a attempt to allow us to place the smoke generator closer to the center of the tank and allow enough space to create a custom speaker and bass radiators in a self contained enclosure housing 3 to 4 speakers.. A complete redesign to our previous design in 2017. We are still thinking outside the box......


Running Cool with Worlds Smallest Fan:

Custom Cooling System:

Worlds advertised  smallest fan is now in charge of cooling Tamiya T-03 Speed controller for King Tiger in 1/16. Tiny fan works wonders on T-03 Cooling down Heat Sinks which run hot when tasks for what we require.

This is the starting phase fr mounting plate and proper flow of heat.

Better view of T-03 side mounted on the left lower hull side cooling fan position to move hot air out of lower hull and keep the everything  running cool


A  Project Rethinking  on the Sound for the King Tiger:


Audio Components:

We are working with two 2 inch full range speakers and two sub woofer radiators which use the sound waves from the full range speakers to r produce the bass wave we are looking for.

Intended Layout:

We will most likely set it up in a cross configuration with the two full range speakers set up from front to back and one bass radiator on each side since there is no magnet on them 

Enclosure Design

Will be formed with balsa wood for its light weight properties but will be formed to configure its shape using fabric soaked with fiberglass resin. This will unsure a tight fit and a great sealed enclosure. 

By using the top area of the lower hull we pick up a little bit more space that Tamiya does not utilize at this time. Also the enclosure only needs to be 3/4 deep/ 



Custom LED Lighting :

Lights in Progress

Currently the LED ;ijkts are a back seat yb the order I have in my mind , In going through th e build daily my ideas for lights very so it is step by step the only installed lights are in the electronis area near the motors and in the turret

Main Gun for the King Tiger Ready to be Mounted'



Modifying for More Sound. YES, More Sound in the TURRET :


Room unused and with some slight modifications is a great place to add another source of sound to this monster. It will not only look great but will have terrific sound projection. By placing the speakers in this downward firing position and location the sound waves will mix very well with the lower hull sound system for a better projection and volume from the Tiger. Impudence is what is important here the goal is to place more speakers for much better projection and maintain between a 6-8 Ohm level as not to over heat the system. . 


Here is the basic set up I am going to proceed to accomplish with in two days of over night build sessions. So far I have (x 2) 44 mm full range drivers custom  made. that will be wired at 8 Ohm and Incorporated into the sound system. These as you can see will be mounted in the extreme rear of the King Tiger turret housing.


Close up view of area in the Tamiya 56018 that mat be great for your King Tiger?


Two-Part Epoxy used for floor extension of speaker placement effort to improve projection of sound efx.


What is going to happen before this project is delivered a speaker enclosure will need to be constructed for the improvement in total for the quality that a Multi speaker sound system should give you. We will get to that part of this shortly.


Speaker openings ready for enlargement and modifying the lip portion of the raised flooring forward  by 17 mm to accommodate the flat surface of the speaker plate Remember when it comes to speakers you should always attempt and separate the positive and negative sound waves . Otherwise you will get cancellation going on.  (This creates very bad sound!)


The turret floor is now ready to be attached to the under side of the main gun and the turret as you can see houses two 35mm full range speakers firing down and should blend very nice with the lower hull assortment of speakers to be shown in it’s final phase as space is quickly becoming harder to find and put tp good use.

We will just have to see what is next during this monster build…


This photo is of the foam acoustical transparent soft grill which well protect the down firing speaker stay in a  safe place from most all kinds of weather conditions.



Going for a particular look my thinking was to wrap the new speaker box in a way that would not take away from the tank as it is shown to the public in the future. So as I explored my stash of model props I came across a German banner a fellow modeler did for me on a diorama many years ago. So I tested the look of the banner in side the turret housing and determined it would look as if the crew hung a flag from the roof of there panzer. This would in turn hide the speaker box and mask any bystander from saying about the aftermarket custom speaker box.


This photo will be updated shortly with a mounted version already completed.

Not to be forgotten the King Tiger needs her legs to get around, so here us the stock plastic tracks looking so good. Now for some real weathering. For effect. 



 We have resolved the upload issue s here is were we are. 

it is now been 12 months working on this project it has been s real treat but it is time to buckle things up and finish this project It is coming soon. Here are the latest and some surprising changes do to redesign and more equipment and lack of space for sure.


First lets look at the lower KT hull:

1 - We installed sound deadening material on the floor of the tank 

2 - Install a wooden floor painted white for a bright contrast to see for maintenance reasons.

3 - Re positioned the electronics to the rear of the tank to allow for a 10,000 MHz size battery and two smoke generators. Not including the sound system which is still in line for a 6 - 8 speaker system at the moment.

4 - we also went to a larger cooling fan do to the heat being generated by the T-03 control.

5 - he motor was compartment ed off but do to the position of the turret rotation motor it was removed and reworked


How about the Upper deck:

This if you have been following is my sore spot do to a misfortune of bad luck this part was melted and had to be totally reworked which has been crazy to get done.

1 - we had to remove both drivers hatch's again re hing them and rework the photo etch grills and replace several parts very hard to find.

2 - It took almost 3 months to get the zimmerit kit from Poland which was another hurdle to get over. Nothing but sit and wait on somethings but that is the hobby world.


The Exhaust System:

The Turret:



Latest Update 04/25/18:

Still Waiting on Atak to resend lost package of Zimmerit replacement parts in order to proceed to next phase of the KT deck works currently on hold.
KT turret is very close to being 95% complete. About time for test run of recoil function before moving on to next phase. Still not yet able to install turret spare track holders at this time do to more detailing needed to turret housing and coating of zimmerit detailing. Should be started any day.