Specializing in Custom  Builds & Service  of 1/16 Scale F/O  R/C Tanks.

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Speaker Werks 

Launches with High Expectations.

Specializing in Custom Small High End Full Range speakers (Custom made) and Specialty Bass radiators fabrication In 1/16

Specialty Speakers for You!

hand made in Asia for the Backyard battle tank being built and offered by Frontline-Models

Speakers S'old individually.

in 4 ohm or 8 ohm and between 

5 - 30 watts power handling ratings  configurations.  



USA Tank Crew 4

New February 1st 2018


Completely done and Looking the way the box art shows it.

figures sold individually or in full crews.

German Crews Featured

$ 89.99 per figure 

Above Individual figure photos for you.



The Tank Commander



Brief Bio.

Professional Active and recognized as a international builder and asupplier  of  static and R/C military AFV  (Armor Fighting Vehicles)  kits,  accessories and parts distributor  for SOL Resin Factory (South Korea)  Member of the The international  Plastic Model Association  has been a active model builder and artist for over 40+ years of custom built kits for members of the US military and pentagon as well as some well known personalities. Has built and delivered a w wide variety of eye stunning and award capturing  R/C and static built tanks for clients around the country along with service and  free help and advise to fellow  modelers  in the modeling  community.  Advise and one on one consulting free of charge will talk tank and the field of modeling any time.

Live" Dallas, TX USA for past 12 years .

Prefers to work with AFV in 1/16 during the last 8 years. Turned professional builder for consignment work  and special projects 7 years ago after suffering work related injury. Sporting interests include Played professional paintball for East Coast Team, Has passion for youth football  teams and has himself  volunteered as a youth Head Coached with a winning record and several league championship and playoff appearances,  Now he embraces life with son 8 and wife of 22 years, Always available to help out another modeler with open mind and willing  not to quit when a project gets frustrating. 

Favorite quoteWork Hard,Study Hard and Play Hard! & Go HARD or Don’t GO AT ALL!

Favorite music:     Metal AC/DC, Death Punch, Disturbed,  and Shinedown. 

Favorite Food:     Pizza from, Brothers, Dallas, TX 

Favorite Car:     Corvette

Other Passions: Custom Show Cars  both muscle and Audio Systems Design and Builds.

& Shooting Military Style Weaponry with friends.



Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf, B


Coming Product Feature:
Complete Factory Finished Tank Crew:
1/16 Finished Figures
Structure: Half Torso
Finish:Yes, Dressed as Shown on Box Art
Price: $ 59.95

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Check out the Commanders crewman in the XION Specials Room Room!



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Frontline-Models / Dave's Custom RC tanks.com deal with products that represent subjects from a specific period in World history,  specifically during the years 1938 - 1945 in the European Theater of War.   Some products contain details, equipment, uniform and or vehicle that include insignia or markings that some may find offensive. It is not  ever our intension to glorify, nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war. We consider this information a lesson to all that as long as we remember that history, may we never let history repeat it self this way again.


Proud to Serve Anytime, Anywhere,  Any place, or Against Anybody! 

"GOD Bless America"

To the Hero's that never made it home or Those that Lost Part of themselves here and abroad....Our Nation owes you more then we could ever begin to repay!

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Donate to a Worthy Cause...

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